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Happy'inCo is your company happiness provider.

As your collaborators are your best ambassadors ...

About us...

Team cohesion specialist, we propose different programs from a few hours with our "Remue méninges" to our "Happy'inCo" concept which includes a presentation associated to a monitoring over a one year minimum period, through various types of training.

We propose tailor-made and fun tools inspired from discoveries in neuroscience, NLP or transactional analysis. Other tools as improvisation theater are proposed...

Improving the quality of life at work is built with all stakeholders. Everyone's involvement is essential: directors, managers, employees, HSC (Health and Safety Committee), ESC (Economic & Social Committee), ...

This fits in a global, sustainable approach and based on everyone's commitment.

At Happy'inCo, we believe that well-being at work is not incompatible with profitability.

Because a happy employee is a more involved employee.

We act according to the directives from the ISO 26000 within the improvement 's framework of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Our Philosophy:

We sow our happiness' seeds, it's then everyone's to cultivate them because

all the flowers of the future are hidden in the small seeds of today.


"Remue méninges"

2 to 4 hours session for a collective efficiency and creativity.

Our Happy'inCo concept

Intervention on 1 day associated to a quarterLy follow-up over a minimum of 1 year.

"Café Bonheur"

Remote only

A weekly 30 min shoot of creativity and interactivity to start each week from the right step.

Team building

and Trainings

Tailor-made proposals according to your needs.


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A few figures....

The HAPPY employees are:





31 %



9 times

55 %

2 times

55 %





Source: Harvard/MIT 2018 study



ISO 26000.JPG

Discover the ISO 26000 allows to undestrand the guidelines of the Voluntary application Norm

Article Capital du 20_06_19.JPG

"What does wellness mean at work?", a CAPITAL French magazine article published 2019-06-20

Image de Sarah Boudreau

"Why some teams are Smarter than others", a New York Times article




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